10 WhatsApp Templates to Improve ISP Sales and Loyalty

10 WhatsApp Templates to Improve ISP Sales and Loyalty

4 Mar 2024


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    Did you know that 67% of customers said they would switch to a competitor after a single bad experience with a brand? Say goodbye to boring communication and hello to faster, more engaging messages that'll keep your customers happy. In this blog, we explore how telecom businesses can use WhatsApp templates to boost engagement, increase sales, and keep customers connected.

    What are WhatsApp templates?

    Let's break it down: WhatsApp templates are the superheroes of customer communication. They swoop in to save the day with pre-made messages that make chatting with customers easy. Each type of WhatsApp template has its own superpower.

    Types of WhatsApp templates

    Marketing template

    They’re all about grabbing attention and sparking customer conversations. Think flashy promos, exclusive deals, and sneak peeks at your latest offers. With marketing templates, you can turn your messages into marketing masterpieces that'll have your customers clicking 'buy' faster than Captain America can say, "Avengers, assemble!"

    Utility template

    Need to send out important information or confirmations? Utility templates are here to save the day. They’re good for non-promotional, service-related messages. From payment confirmations to appointment reminders, these templates are a good sidekick, keeping your customers in the loop at all times.

    Authentication template 

    When it comes to security, these templates are the ultimate bodyguards for your messages. From verification processes to sending OTPs and password resets, authentication templates ensure that only the right people get access to the relevant information, giving you and your customers peace of mind.

    5 Benefits of WhatsApp Templates:

    1. Smooth sailing: WhatsApp templates are re-usable message templates that make messaging easier, saving you and your customers time and hassle.

    2. Happy customers: Remember that 67% statistic we mentioned? WhatsApp templates help you avoid losing customers. Say goodbye to boring, robot messages. WhatsApp templates let you add customer information like name, birthday etc.

    3. Fast and furious: No, not the movie. But just like Dominic Torreto and his team, WhatsApp templates are fast. You can set up auto-reply templates so your customers don’t have to sit around waiting for replies when they message you. These templates will be sent out immediately after a customer contacts you.

    4. Consistency is key: With templates, you can maintain brand consistency with every customer interaction and message you send. Because WhatsApp templates are re-usable and editable, you can ensure that your brand shines through every message.

    5. Super scalable: Whether you're chatting with one customer or a thousand, templates have got your back. You can send them at any time and in bulk, as long as you follow the WhatsApp template guidelines.

    10 WhatsApp template examples for telecoms:

    Marketing template examples

    1. Special offer promotions: You can drive sales and engagement by offering exclusive deals to your customers on WhatsApp.

    2. New product announcement

    Telcos can generate buzz, excitement and awareness about the latest products. This could be a new router with faster internet speeds.

    3. Limited-time discount

    Did you know that customers are 32% more likely to consider making a purchase when they get a discount? Use a WhatsApp marketing template to create a sense of urgency and boost sales with time-sensitive discounts.

    Utility template examples

    4: Appointment reminder

    Text reminders for appointments have a 53.5% average higher response rate than voice calls. Sending reminders on WhatsApp will reduce no-shows and improve customer service.

    5. Payment confirmation

    Give your customers peace of mind and streamline the payment process. You can use WhatsApp templates to assure them that you’ve received their payment.

    6. Service status update

    Use WhatsApp to keep customers informed about any service disruptions or maintenance.

    Authentication template examples

    7. Account verification

    Boost security and easily verify customer identities with WhatsApp authentication templates.

    8. Password reset

    Reassure customers that their accounts are safe and simplify the password recovery process for them.

    9. Two-factor authentication

    Use WhatsApp to add an extra layer of security to customer accounts and keep them secure.

    Bonus example

    10. Account notification

    Use WhatsApp to keep customers informed about regular important account-related updates.

    5 Tips to use WhatsApp templates effectively:

    1. Be you-nique: 60% of customers say they'll become repeat customers after a personalised experience. Always inject some personality and personalisation into your messages; your customers will love you for it. 

    2. Timing is everything: Send messages at just the right moment to catch your customers' attention when they're most engaged. Experiment with different messages and different times to find what works best.

    3. Track and tweak: Keep an eye on how your templates are performing and tweak them as needed for maximum impact. It’s good to consistently monitor metrics like open rates and response rates.

    4. Mix it up: Don't be afraid to experiment with different templates and messaging styles; try new tones, use emojis, use media and buttons.

    5. Stay compliant: Make sure you're playing by the rules and following WhatsApp's guidelines; nobody likes a rule-breaker; especially Meta. Also, don’t spam.

    Stay connected with WhatsApp templates

    The use cases for telecommunications businesses are endless when it comes to WhatsApp. Boost sales, keep customers happy and improve customer loyalty with WhatsApp templates. Get in touch with Cue for a demo.

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    Ready to reach customers with WhatsApp?

    Grow sales by 160%

    Cut service costs by 73%

    Boost responses by 40%

    WhatsApp for Business solution by Cue