31 Jul 2023

Say hello to the new Cue brand

Say hello to the new Cue brand

Apex Cue Rebrand
Apex Cue Rebrand
Apex Cue Rebrand

Today we're rebranding from Apex to Cue.

We've grown and learnt a lot since starting out as Apex. One of the most important things we've realised is the main reason that businesses use our software - whether it's chatbots, live chat or broadcasts - is to help their customers. And because of that, we're in the business of customer service.

The problem

When we looked at how we could make the biggest impact in this market, the one big problem we noticed is that most customer service is painfully slow.

Most of us dread getting in touch with customer service when we have a problem because we're used to waiting days only to receive an unhelpful answer.

But, what if customer service wasn't slow and unhelpful? What if you were helped as soon as you reached out? How amazing does it feel when, every once in a while, a business actually responds quickly and effectively?

This is what we want to see more of in the world. Great customer service. Being committed to this has been a core driver of growth for us, and learning from that, we're now focussed on helping businesses to create fast, helpful and convenient service for their customers through any channel.

Why Cue?

We chose the name Cue because we see it as a metaphor for taking action when a customer needs help. Customers get in touch with businesses when they need help with something and action needs to be taken. That next action could be to cue a chatbot response, a live chat agent conversation, a real-time quote, an insurance claim, a new account sign-up or anything else.

The Cue platform

In addition to a new brand, we've spent the last few months building our new Cue platform from the ground up to enable our vision. Businesses can now rapidly set up customer service journeys that integrate with other applications to create powerful actions that can help customers from their mobile phone or web browser.

The Cue platform has three main tools:

Flows - to create powerful chatbots that integrate with any API and automate tasks
Live chat - to handle personal conversations with customers
Broadcasts - to keep your customers updated

Cue flows

Create interactive customer journeys on WhatsApp with Cue Flows

Our mission

While the Cue platform enables great customer service, it's not enough to just make our software available to businesses to use on their own. We have to truly care and commit to helping businesses bring their vision for great customer service to life.

Our new mission is to make customer service amazingly good.

Everything we do is dedicated to this goal. Building software features to improve it, going the extra mile to create a great customer journey, jumping on a call to help with an integration, tracking and resolving every small issue or bug, analysing and evolving the customer service over time. Sweating all of these details together is what makes a magic experience for customers. An experience we'd like to have when engaging with a business.

This next chapter in our journey is just the start of big things to come in the months and years ahead. We'd like to take this moment to thank all of our Apex clients who have trusted us over the years and we look forward to continuing our journey together as Cue.