WhatsApp for travel and leisure
WhatsApp for travel and leisure

Boost travel & leisure customer service with WhatsApp

Boost travel & leisure customer service with WhatsApp

29 Apr 2024


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    When your guests and travellers arrive after a long flight, they’re tired and all they want is to check in, take a hot shower and relax. With WhatsApp, we could have avoided the poor guest experience caused by the old way of doing things. By adapting to changing, modern times, guests can receive an automated WhatsApp message letting them check in virtually, and even get suggestions for a nearby restaurant for a late-night bite. 

    This isn't just a dream scenario; it's the reality that WhatsApp can unlock for the travel and leisure industry. In a world where guests expect faster, more personalised experiences, WhatsApp emerges as your butler, ready to save the day. In this blog, we cover WhatsApp for the travel and leisure industry and how it can be used to create better guest experiences.

    Why WhatsApp for travel and leisure?

    Because your guests are already there. WhatsApp isn't just for keeping in touch with friends and family anymore. Why not add their favourite hotel, or resort and airline to their contact list? Here's why WhatsApp is ideal for the travel and leisure industry:

    • Always-on concierge: WhatsApp's 24/7 availability means guests can reach out whenever they have a question, need, or midnight craving for room service.

    • Personalisation at scale: Send tailored messages, recommendations, and offers to make each guest feel like a VIP.

    • Instant communication: No more waiting on hold or refreshing your inbox. Answer queries, resolve issues, and confirm bookings in real-time with WhatsApp chatbots.

    • Data-driven insights: Accommodation businesses can use WhatsApp to track guest preferences and interactions to fine-tune their services and marketing strategies.

    • Operational efficiency: Reduce the burden on front desk staff with automated chatbots handling routine inquiries and bookings.

    • Communication at scale: With scheduled WhatsApp broadcasts, accommodations and airlines can send mass messages to existing and past travellers.

    How travel and leisure businesses can use WhatsApp:

    Now that you know why WhatsApp is the ultimate tool for travel and leisure businesses, let's dive into how you can roll out the red carpet for your guests and elevate every stage of their journey:

    WhatsApp chatbots: Your digital concierge 🤖

    Think of it like having a concierge that never sleeps, remembers your guest's preferences, and can handle multiple guests at once. From booking rooms to answering common questions, chatbots can automate a wide range of tasks, providing instant support and freeing up your staff to focus on more complex issues.

    WhatsApp chatbot benefits:

    • 24/7 availability

    • Reduced staff workload

    • Increased customer satisfaction

    • Data-driven customer insights

    WhatsApp live chat: The human touch 🤝

    While chatbots are great for handling routine inquiries, sometimes guests need a human touch. WhatsApp live chat allows your staff to provide real-time support and personalised recommendations, creating a more personal and engaging experience. Whether it's arranging spa bookings, ordering airport transfers, or providing local recommendations, live chat ensures that guests always feel taken care of.

    WhatsApp live chat benefits for travel and leisure:

    • Increased guest loyalty

    • Improved problem resolution

    • Valuable feedback for service enhancement

    WhatsApp broadcasts: The megaphone for your message 📣

    Want to boost revenue and keep guests coming back? WhatsApp broadcasts are the answer. You can create a loyal customer base by sending targeted promotions, upsells, and post-stay offers to previous guests. With an average response rate increase of 7x, you can be confident that your WhatsApp broadcasts will be seen and acted upon.

    WhatsApp broadcast benefits for travel and leisure:

    • Increased engagement

    • Increased brand awareness

    • Higher conversion rates

    WhatsApp web widget:  The gateway to conversation

    Don't make travellers jump through hoops to reach you or check-in. With WhatsApp web widgets, you can easily embed a floating WhatsApp button directly into your website, allowing travellers to start a conversation with just one click from any page. 

    They can either scan a QR code or click a button that will automatically open up their WhatsApp mobile app or WhatsApp web app, depending on the device. Whether it's a question about checking in or about travel arrangements, web widgets make it easy for travellers to connect with you on their own terms

    WhatsApp web widget benefits for travel and leisure:

    • Increased website engagement

    • Improved lead generation

    • Increased direct bookings

    Managing guests with WhatsApp

    From the moment a guest books their stay to long after they've checked out, WhatsApp offers a lot of opportunities for hotels to improve the guest experience. By leveraging WhatsApp, travel and leisure businesses can streamline communication, anticipate needs, and create lasting impressions that keep guests coming back for more. Let's explore how WhatsApp can be used to manage guests at every stage of their journey.

    Before guests arrive:

    1. Booking confirmation: Send a personalised WhatsApp message confirming the guest's reservation, including details like room type, check-in date, and any special requests.

    2. Pre-arrival questionnaire: Use WhatsApp to send a pre-arrival questionnaire, gathering information about the guest's preferences, dietary restrictions, and travel plans, allowing you to tailor their experience.

    3. Upsell opportunities: Offer room upgrades, spa packages, or dining experiences through WhatsApp, providing an easy way for guests to boost their stay before they even arrive.

    4. Travel arrangements: Assist guests with arranging airport transfers, car rentals, or providing directions to your property through WhatsApp, ensuring a smooth arrival.

    5. Local recommendations: Share insider tips on the best local attractions, restaurants, and hidden gems, helping guests plan their itinerary and build anticipation for their stay.

    When guests arrive:

    1. Mobile check-in: Allow guests to check-in remotely via WhatsApp, sending them a mobile key and room number, bypassing the front desk and providing a smooth arrival experience.

    2. Concierge services: Offer 24/7 concierge services through WhatsApp, helping guests make dinner reservations, book tours, or request recommendations, all from the comfort of their room.

    3. In-room dining: Allow guests to order room service or make restaurant reservations through WhatsApp, providing a convenient and contactless dining experience.

    4. Maintenance requests: Allow guests to report any maintenance issues or request additional amenities through WhatsApp, ensuring prompt attention and resolution.

    After guests check out:

    1. Checkout Confirmation: Send a WhatsApp message confirming the guest's checkout, including a final bill and thanking them for their stay.

    2. Post-stay feedback: Request detailed feedback through a WhatsApp survey, gathering valuable insights into the guest experience and identifying opportunities for improvement.

    3. Loyalty programmes: Enroll guests in your loyalty program via WhatsApp, keeping them engaged with exclusive offers, personalised promotions, and updates on their reward points.

    4. Return incentives and upsells: Send special offers or discounts for future stays through WhatsApp, encouraging guests to book directly and fostering long-term loyalty.

    5. Social media engagement: Encourage guests to share their experience on social media by sending a WhatsApp message with links to your profiles, potentially generating user-generated content and increasing brand visibility.

    Managing travellers with WhatsApp

    WhatsApp also provides opportunities for airlines and travel companies to improve the traveller experience, from the moment they book their tickets to after their journey ends. By leveraging WhatsApp, airlines and travel businesses can streamline communication, anticipate needs, and create memorable experiences that encourage customer loyalty. Here’s how:

    After travellers purchase tickets:

    1. Booking confirmation and e-tickets: Send a personalised WhatsApp message confirming the traveller's booking details, including flight numbers, departure dates, and seat assignments. Attach their e-tickets in PDF format or as a URL for easy access.

    2. Pre-flight information: Use WhatsApp to send important pre-flight information, like baggage allowances, check-in procedures, and airport guidelines, ensuring travellers are well-prepared for their journey.

    3. Upsell opportunities: Offer seat upgrades, extra baggage allowances, or travel insurance through WhatsApp, providing a convenient way for travellers to enhance their experience.

    Before travellers depart:

    1. Check-in reminders: Send WhatsApp reminders prior to the traveller's scheduled departure, prompting them to check-in online or at the airport, and providing relevant links or instructions.

    2. Flight status updates: Notify travellers of any changes to their flight status, like delays or gate changes.

    After travellers complete their journey:

    1. Welcome home message: Send a WhatsApp message welcoming the traveller to their destination and thanking them for choosing your airline or travel company.

    2. Post-travel feedback: Request detailed feedback through a WhatsApp survey, gathering valuable insights into the traveller's experience and identifying areas for improvement.

    3. Loyalty programme updates: Notify travellers of any loyalty points or miles earned from their recent trip via WhatsApp.

    4. Upsell and cross-sell opportunities: Send personalised WhatsApp messages with offers for future trips, travel packages, or partner services based on the traveller's preferences and past bookings.

    5. Social media engagement: Encourage travellers to share their experience on social media by sending a WhatsApp message with links to your profiles and any relevant hashtags, potentially generating user-generated content and increasing brand visibility.

    Give travellers and guests better service with WhatsApp

    By using WhatsApp to manage travellers and guests before, during, and after their stay, hotels, airlines, and other serviced accommodations can create a smooth, personalised experience that sets them apart from the competition. From booking to checkout and beyond, WhatsApp provides a direct line of communication that empowers businesses to anticipate needs, resolve issues, and build lasting relationships with their customers. Contact Cue to learn how your guests can have a better, smoother experience while you boost your ROI.

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