5 Ways to boost sales and customer support on Black Friday 2023

5 Ways to boost sales and customer support on Black Friday 2023


19 Oct 2023

Black Friday WhatsApp Marketing
Black Friday WhatsApp Marketing
Black Friday WhatsApp Marketing

Black Friday is an important time for many businesses, and many of them are gearing up to offer some of the best discounts of the year. So, how do you make sure that your Black Friday deals stand out? These ideas will help you leverage WhatsApp to boost sales and customer loyalty this Black Friday!

5 Ways to use WhatsApp Business on Black Friday

Let’s dive into the five ways you can use WhatsApp Business to boost sales and support customers this Black Friday.

1. Broadcast Black Friday promotions

Sending a Black Friday broadcast is an effective way to inform your customers about your promotions. With WhatsApp templates and broadcasts, you can let customers know about your Black Friday deals, customer support options, and where to find their nearest store directly through WhatsApp. 

Retail stores can send broadcasts to their most loyal customers, offering them a sneak peek at the Black Friday deals a day before they go live. Provide a link to your website where they can explore the offers. The result? Increased website traffic, sales, and customer engagement.

2. Support customers via live chat

With the buzz of Black Friday sales comes customer inquiries, return requests, and post-sales support needs. Using live chat to provide real-time assistance to your customers on WhatsApp is a sure way to meet customer demands this Black Friday. 

A customer experiencing an issue with a product they bought could reach out via live chat on WhatsApp, explaining their situation. Your dedicated customer support agent responds within minutes, addressing their concerns and arranging for a quick return or exchange. This results in a happy customer who is likely to support your business again.

3. Sell to customers using live chat

Don't limit live chat to just support; use it for sales too. If a customer is hovering over a Black Friday deal but has questions about the product or if they need help choosing between different options, your team can assist via Live Chat, converting them into a satisfied buyer.

A customer browsing your website could be admiring a discounted high-end tool on Black Friday. They're almost convinced but have some doubts. They click on the live chat web widget and immediately connect with a sales agent who answers their questions and explains the product's benefits. This ultimately leads to another successful sale.

4. WhatsApp chatbots

Your customers might have specific queries about products, store locations, or operating hours during Black Friday. It’s possible and easy to set up WhatsApp chatbots without code to answer customer questions.

For example, a customer who's looking for a particular product during Black Friday sends a message asking if the product is available at their nearest store. The chatbot swiftly responds with the store's location and the availability of the product.

5. Mobile competitions - Turn customers into winners

Black Friday isn't just about discounts; it's also an opportunity for you to turn once-off shoppers into loyal customers. Engage your customers with a mobile competition. Use WhatsApp to run a contest where participants can win exclusive deals, vouchers, or instant prizes. Participants can enter by sending a message, unique codes, or a copy of their receipt. This not only creates Black Friday hype but also gathers customer data for future marketing efforts.

What’s next? Re-engage customers on WhatsApp after Black Friday

Don't let your Black Friday sales be a one-time thing. Take advantage of this opportunity to re-engage customers on WhatsApp after the Black Friday shopping buzz. Send follow-up messages thanking customers for their participation and making them aware of upcoming sales, new products, or exclusive offers. You can also create post-Black Friday surveys to get customer feedback, showing your commitment to improving their shopping experience.

Need help setting up your Black Friday promotions on WhatsApp?

Take your Black Friday marketing to the next level with WhatsApp Business and Cue. From broadcast messages to live chat support and sales and the efficiency of no-code chatbots, you have options to make your Black Friday campaign a success. Request a demo with Cue today!

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