How car dealerships can boost NPS scores and get feedback with WhatsApp

How car dealerships can boost NPS scores and get feedback with WhatsApp

1 May 2024


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    In the automotive industry, customer feedback is the fuel that keeps you ahead of your competition. But for most automotive brands, their customer feedback processes are like a traffic jam on a Monday morning.

    That’s where WhatsApp comes in. The customer engagement platform that's sure to improve your NPS scores and help you get customer feedback faster. In this blog post, we'll explore how automotive brands can collect more customer feedback and improve NPS ratings with WhatsApp. We'll unpack how WhatsApp chatbots, live chat, and broadcasts can shift your customer service into high gear.

    Why car dealerships should collect feedback with WhatsApp

    If you’re tired of low response rates from customer surveys sent via email or SMS, it's time to trade in those outdated channels for WhatsApp. Its convenient communication and widespread usage allow you to effortlessly collect feedback, identify pain points, and make informed decisions that drive customer loyalty and improve your bottom line. Here’s why you need to choose WhatsApp over other channels:

    Meeting customers where they are: The most obvious reason? Your customers already use the mobile app. WhatsApp is the preferred communication channel for most people. By using WhatsApp to collect feedback, you're meeting your customers where they're comfortable, increasing the likelihood of a response.

    Higher response rates: Traditional surveys typically have a response rate of 20 - 30%, while businesses using WhatsApp to collect feedback see a minimum response rate of 35%. This means your feedback requests are more likely to be seen and acted upon, giving you a more comprehensive understanding of your customers' experiences.

    Solve problems faster: Forget waiting days for responses to emails or mailed surveys. WhatsApp allows you to get feedback in real-time, letting you address concerns faster. 

    Higher conversion rate: Compared to SMS which has a 45% conversion rate, businesses using WhatsApp have seen conversion rates increase by up to 156%.  

    How to collect feedback with WhatsApp

    Now that you understand the benefits of using WhatsApp for feedback collection, let's explore how car dealerships can fine-tune their customer engagement strategy:

    Collect feedback at scale with WhatsApp broadcasts

    Broadcasts let you reach a wider audience with targeted messages, perfect for collecting feedback at scale. Dealerships can use WhatsApp broadcasts to send feedback requests to a large group of customers at once. Include a link to a survey or a simple reply-based question to gather insights at scale.

    Types of broadcast messages to drive feedback:

    • Template messages with buttons: Send pre-approved messages with interactive WhatsApp buttons that allow customers to start a feedback survey or conversation directly within WhatsApp.

    • Call-to-action (CTA) messages with links: Include an engaging CTA in your broadcast message, encouraging customers to click a link to an external NPS system or feedback form.

    • Conversational prompts: After solving a problem or answering a question within the chat, spark engagement with open-ended questions like, "how was the support you received?" or "what could we do to improve your experience?"

    Send WhatsApp surveys with chatbots

    Once you've ignited interest with broadcasts, chatbots take the wheel to automate the feedback process. They’re like your automated service advisors, ready to engage customers anytime, anywhere. Car dealerships can set up WhatsApp chatbots to send pre-service surveys. The chatbot can guide customers through a series of questions, gathering valuable insights effortlessly. 

    Chatbots can easily integrate Net Promoter Score (NPS) questions into conversations, making it easy for customers to rate you. Plus, they operate 24/7, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to collect feedback. They provide a consistent experience, reducing the risk of human error.

    Chatbot feedback methods:

    • Response-based chatbots: Create simple WhatsApp chatbots that guide customers through a series of multiple-choice or open-ended questions.

    • AI conversational chatbots: Create more sophisticated chatbots that can understand natural language and engage in dynamic conversations. These can provide a more personalised and interactive feedback experience.

    • WhatsApp menu list: Design a chatbot menu within WhatsApp that allows customers to select the type of feedback they want to provide (e.g., service feedback, sales experience, general comments, etc). Once they’ve made a choice, your WhatsApp chatbot can automatically start the feedback collection process.

    Get real-time feedback with WhatsApp live chat

    Live chat offers the human touch, perfect for in-depth conversations and resolving complex issues. Customer service teams can ask for feedback in the same chat after solving a customer problem or answering their query. They can send a feedback link or even guide customers through a quick survey within the chat itself.

    Feedback collection methods in live chat:

    • Proactive requests: After resolving an issue or answering a question, agents can politely ask customers for feedback.

    • External feedback links: Agents can share links to surveys or feedback forms directly within the chat for easy access.

    • Survey chatbot handoff: Once the client has agreed to give feedback, agents can let them know that they’re going to hand over to a feedback collection chatbot. Agents can then transfer customers to a dedicated survey chatbot to collect feedback in a structured format.

    Automated feedback reminders

    Not everyone will respond to your initial feedback request. With Cue, you can set up automated reminders within your WhatsApp flows to gently nudge customers who haven't completed the survey.

    Bonus: What else can car dealerships do with WhatsApp? 

    WhatsApp isn't just a pit stop for getting feedback. Here are some other ways car dealerships can leverage the platform:


    • Virtual 24/7 showroom: Turn WhatsApp into your digital storefront. Showcase your latest models with images, videos, brochures, and detailed descriptions. Customers can browse at their convenience, asking questions via chatbot or live chat to get the information they need.

    • Test drive booking made easy: Forget the back-and-forth phone calls. Customers can book test drives directly through WhatsApp, selecting their preferred date, time, and vehicle with just a few taps.

    • Lead nurturing on autopilot: Chatbots can guide potential buyers through the sales funnel, answering questions, offering personalised recommendations, and even scheduling showroom visits.


    • Instant service updates: The moment a vehicle is checked in for service, a WhatsApp notification can be sent to the customer. This keeps them in the loop with real-time updates on repairs, estimated completion times, and any additional recommendations.

    • Streamlined communication: Say goodbye to phone tennis. Service advisors can use WhatsApp to send photos or videos of identified issues in real-time, get quick approvals for repairs, and schedule pick-up times.

    • Appointment reminders that work: Reduce no-shows by sending automated appointment reminders via WhatsApp. Include a pin location for easy navigation and an option to reschedule if needed.


    • Personalised engagement: Keep the relationship going strong after the sale. Send personalised messages to welcome new car owners, offer congratulations on milestones (like birthdays or anniversaries), and share relevant tips for vehicle maintenance.

    • Targeted promotions and upsells: Use WhatsApp broadcasts to inform customers about special offers on accessories, extended warranties, or service packages tailored to their specific vehicles.

    • Loyalty programmes: WhatsApp is a perfect channel for delivering exclusive benefits to your loyal customers. Things like early access to new models, VIP events, or personalised discounts.

    Integrations and additional features

    • DMS integrations: Easily integrate WhatsApp with your Dealer Management System to keep customer data up-to-date and automate communication workflows.

    • Pre-qualification chatbots: Capture leads and assess their buying potential with chatbots that ask a few simple questions about budget, preferences, and timeline. Start the car finance applications within the chat.

    • Secure document sharing: Easily send quotes, financing agreements, or service contracts via WhatsApp, ensuring a secure and convenient experience for customers.

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    Cross the finish line with WhatsApp and Cue

    In the race for customer satisfaction, WhatsApp can help your car dealership cross the finish line quicker. By leveraging WhatsApp and its features, you can fine-tune your customer experience and boost those NPS scores. 🏆 Chat with Cue to learn more about WhatsApp for car dealerships.

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    Boost responses by 40%

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