WhatsApp chatbots
WhatsApp chatbots

How WhatsApp chatbots can boost customer service and save time

How WhatsApp chatbots can boost customer service and save time

12 Feb 2024


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    Over 50% of customers expect brands to offer 24/7 messaging. WhatsApp chatbots allow you to meet and exceed these expectations by never going offline. This blog covers WhatsApp automation, how to create a WhatsApp chatbot, and how to use WhatsApp for customer service.

    How to create a WhatsApp chatbot

    Let’s get straight into it—here's how to create a WhatsApp chatbot using Cue. It's a simple process that requires zero coding skills. Follow these steps to get started:

    1. Sign in to to access your account.

    2. Click on the 'Flows' icon, locate the 'Flows' button, and click on it.

    3. Once you’ve clicked the “create a flow” button, you’ll see a pop-up prompting you to name your flow, give it an optional description, choose a channel, and select a trigger.

    4. Add steps to your flow after you’ve created it. Steps allow you to specify what happens next in your flow. When creating flows, you have different types of steps you can use:

      1. Message - Send a message back to the contact who initiated the conversation.

      2. Condition - Direct the contact down a specific conversation path depending on the condition.

      3. HTTP Request - Make a request to an API to send some data collected during the flow session or to receive information to be used in the flow session

      4. Create a ticket - Create a new Live Chat ticket for an agent to handle

      5. Update ticket - Update an existing Live Chat ticket with more information

      6. Transfer - Transfer the conversation to the Live Chat inbox

      7. Set value - Save some data in a variable that can be used in other steps.

      8. Delete value - Delete a value that you've created

      9. End conversation - End the conversation with the customer

    How to promote your WhatsApp chatbot

    You’ve built an amazing WhatsApp chatbot. But how will customers know it exists so they can try it out? Promoting your 24/7 automated assistant is important. Here are proven ways to spread the word:

    Set up a free WhatsApp web widget

    Did you know that you can set up and use a free WhatsApp web widget on your website? The widget allows customers to start a WhatsApp chat with you without having to leave your website. 

    Run targeted WhatsApp chatbot campaigns 

    Create dedicated social media and ad campaigns that redirect users to WhatsApp when the call-to-action is clicked. This allows customers to start a conversation and get an instant response.

    Use QR codes

    Promote your WhatsApp chatbot in-store. Place QR codes at checkout counters or entrances that take customers directly to your WhatsApp chat when scanned. 

    Use social proof

    The average consumer reads 10 online reviews before making a purchase decision. At the end of every conversation, ask customers to leave your chatbot a review and comments on how well it assisted them. With their consent, publish these reviews on your social media platforms.

    Incentivise first-time users 

    Encourage users to engage with you on WhatsApp by offering perks for first-time chatbot users. This can be a discount code, a free gift or access to exclusive content for anyone who interacts with your WhatsApp chatbot for the first time.

    Best practices for creating a WhatsApp chatbot

    Creating effective WhatsApp chatbot interactions is important for delivering a smooth and efficient customer experience. Here’s how:

    Start with a welcome message: Begin the conversation with a friendly and informative welcome message that’s triggered when a customer messages.

    WhatsApp for customer service

    Offer self-service options: Create a chatbot with self-service options to handle common queries. This empowers customers to find answers quickly without the need for human intervention. Offer options like FAQs, tutorials, or links to relevant resources. 

    WhatsApp chat bot

    Use visuals and media: The WhatsApp Business API allows you to use visuals like images, or videos when setting up WhatsApp templates. You can also include different file types in your message, like PDFs.

    Chatbots on WhatsApp

    Use quick replies or buttons: Offer users quick reply options or WhatsApp buttons to make it easier for them to navigate through the conversation. This reduces friction and improves user satisfaction. 

    WhatsApp buttons

    Allow customers to speak to a human: Design chatbot flows that connect customers to an agent through WhatsApp live chat. 

    WhatsApp live chat

    Quick recap: Why you need a WhatsApp chatbot

    One-quarter of all businesses are expected to use chatbots as their primary customer service channel by 2027. WhatsApp automation is becoming increasingly popular. Here are 3 reasons why: 

    1. Instantly respond to queries 24/7

    64% of customers say that the best part about chatbots is their availability 24/7. Your customers expect assistance outside regular business hours, and employing staff around the clock isn’t an option. A WhatsApp chatbot fills the gap by providing instant responses at any time. It works behind the scenes while your team sleeps. 

    2. Automate support for common requests  

    70% of customer questions have repeated themes. Handling the same FAQs manually takes massive resources and time. A WhatsApp chatbot can recommend predefined answers to common questions.

    3. Make more sales 

    Did you know 20% of your existing users drive 80% of your revenue? Yet brands often focus more on new customer acquisition. WhatsApp automation allows you to tap into your current base and upsell or cross-sell products.

    Simplify customer service with WhatsApp chatbots

    In 2024, businesses can meet customers where they are with WhatsApp. By setting up WhatsApp chatbots, you make it easier and faster for your customers to get queries resolved and reassured. Request a demo with Cue.

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