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How car dealerships can send appointment reminders with WhatsApp

How car dealerships can send appointment reminders with WhatsApp

26 Apr 2024


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    We've all been there - you plan your day, ensuring every minute is accounted for, only to have someone not show up for their appointment. As a car dealership, missed appointments mean wasted time, resources and money. But we have a solution that'll keep your schedule running like a well-oiled machine: WhatsApp appointment reminders.

    In this blog, we show you how car dealerships can send appointment reminders and reduce cancellations with WhatsApp.

    Benefits of sending reminders on WhatsApp

    It’s frustrating when a customer drops off their car for service and then... radio silence. Your team is left playing a frustrating game of "phone tennis," trying to reach the client for quote approvals or pickup arrangements. But what if there was a way to streamline this chaos into a well-choreographed dance of efficiency?

    Using WhatsApp broadcasts, templates and automation for appointment reminders is a sure way to drive more customers through the door. Your customers are already glued to their phones, so why not take advantage of that and communicate with them where they're already hanging out? Here are a few benefits of using WhatsApp for appointment reminders:

    Save time for everyone

    With just a few taps on their phones, your customers can book, confirm or reschedule their appointments. No more back-and-forth phone calls or endless email threads. It's all streamlined and efficient, saving time for everyone involved.

    Let’s get personal

    Everyone loves feeling special and valued. In fact, 60% of customers said they’d become repeat buyers after a personalised shopping experience. WhatsApp reminders allow you to tailor each message with the customer's name and appointment details, and even sprinkle in a bit of your dealership's brand personality.

    The WhatsApp appointment reminder dream team

    Before we get into the how, let’s touch on what you need to send appointment reminders using WhatsApp effectively. When it comes to dealing with appointment no-shows and boosting your dealership's performance, you need a well-rounded team of WhatsApp heroes at your disposal. These include:

    WhatsApp templates

    These pre-approved message templates are the foundation of your WhatsApp strategy. Not only do they ensure compliance with WhatsApp's policies, but they also streamline your communication process, making it easy to send out consistent, on-brand reminders. Create different types of templates for different types of reminders.

    WhatsApp broadcasts and newsletters

    Need to reach a large audience quickly? Use WhatsApp broadcasts and newsletters. They allow you to send out appointment reminders at scale to hundreds or even thousands of customers.

    WhatsApp chatbots

    Chatbots work around the clock to handle customer inquiries, appointment scheduling, and reminders. Use flows and pre-defined responses to allow customers to automatically confirm, schedule or reschedule their appointments.

    WhatsApp live chat

    Sometimes, nothing beats a good old-fashioned human touch. That's where WhatsApp live chat comes into play. Your team can engage in real-time conversations with customers, answering questions, addressing concerns, and, of course, sending out those all-important appointment reminders with a personal touch. It's like having a direct line to your customers' pockets (in a totally non-creepy way, of course).

    How to send WhatsApp appointment reminders using Cue

    Now, let's explore how you can use Cue to send WhatsApp appointment reminders. Make sure to create your message templates and flows before scheduling automated messages:

    Send automated reminders using WhatsApp broadcasts:

    1. Sign into the Cue app

    2. Click on the 'Broadcasts' icon on the left-hand side

    3. Click on 'Create a broadcast'

    4. Name your template. This can be “Service reminders”

    5. Select the specific template name from the drop-down (these are all of your approved templates)

    6. Upload your list of recipients

    7. Specify any variables to be used like “first_name”

    8. Send or schedule the broadcast

    You can create templates that allow customers to go through different flows, this can be interacting with an automated chatbot or directing customers to a live agent.

    WhatsApp appointment reminder and confirmation templates

    Test drive invitation 🚙💨

    WhatsApp test drive invitation

    Appointment confirmation 🗓️

    How to reduce appointment cancellations and no-shows with WhatsApp

    While sending reminders is a great first step, there are other things you can do to minimise cancellations and no-shows even further:

    1. Offer convenient scheduling: Make it easy for customers to book appointments through multiple channels like your website, Facebook, or WhatsApp. The more convenient the process, the less likely they'll miss their slot.

    2. Send timely reminders: Don't wait until the last minute. Send reminders a week in advance, then follow up a day or two before the appointment. This gives customers enough time to plan accordingly.

    3. Implement a cancellation policy: Clearly communicate your cancellation policy upfront.

    4. Leverage appointment confirmations: After sending the initial reminder, request a confirmation from the customer. This extra step increases accountability and commitment. Use WhatsApp buttons or ask customers to respond with something specific, like “yes”.

    5. Personalise your communication: Use the customer's name, reference their vehicle details, and add a personal touch to your reminders. This builds rapport and makes them feel valued.

    6. Offer Rescheduling Options: In your reminders, always provide an easy way for customers to reschedule if needed. A simple "Reply 'R' to reschedule" can go a long way.

    7. Use wait lists: For high-demand services or popular time slots, keep a waitlist. If a customer cancels, you can quickly fill the spot and reduce downtime.

    Now, here's where the magic happens: when you combine the power of chatbots, broadcasts, live chat and templates, you create an unstoppable force to reduce appointment no-shows, boost NPS scores, and drive more sales.

    Imagine this scenario: A customer receives a personalised appointment reminder via a WhatsApp template. If they need to reschedule, they can quickly do so by chatting with your friendly chatbot. If they have a more complex query, they can easily transition to a live chat with one of your team members.

    Drive your way to success with WhatsApp

    WhatsApp can improve your car dealership's operations, from after-sales to service, sales, and beyond. Whether you're battling appointment no-shows, looking to boost engagement, or simply want a more efficient and customer-centric approach, WhatsApp is the way to go. Buckle up and get in touch with Cue for a demo!

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