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10 ways to use the Cue web widget

10 ways to use the Cue web widget

25 Mar 2024


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    Remember the days when customer service meant long phone calls and endless hold music? Those days are now gone, and today's customers expect convenience, speed, and a personalised touch. That's where the Cue Web Widget steps in. In this blog, we cover 10 ways that your business can use the Cue web widget to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction with WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

    What is a web widget?

    The Cue web widget shows up on every page of your website, offering an easy and convenient way for customers to get answers and assistance, allowing you to send follow-up messages through multiple channels like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and web chat. 

    Instead of having to dial your customer support line, customers can get what they need immediately via chat.

    The Cue web widget acts as a direct line between your business and your customers through channels. It allows your customers to chat with you and get the help they need via chatbots or live chat without ever leaving your website. Setting up the free web widget is as easy as embedding a couple of lines of code on your website.

    Quick recap: What are channels?

    Before we dive in, let’s quickly explain what a channel is and what the difference is between the ones we’ll touch on throughout the article. Before you can set up a Cue web widget, you need to connect a channel to it. 

    Simply put, a channel is a specific platform where you can connect with customers, like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, or it could be a web chat that encompasses all of them.

    10 ways to use the Cue web widget

    1. Quickly answer FAQs

    Your team is tired of fielding repetitive customer questions. With the help of the Cue web widget, your customers can chat with an automated chatbot on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. 

    You can configure your chatbot to handle the easy stuff, like answering basic inquiries about business hours, product details, or appointment booking procedures. This frees your team to tackle complex issues and your customers to get instant answers without waiting. It's a win-win.

    Chatbots for car dealerships

    For a car dealership, a potential customer on your website wants to know the opening hours of your service department. The chatbot can instantly answer their question, saving them time and frustration.

    2. Personalised support

    Sure, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger chatbots are great, but sometimes customers need a human touch. 

    More than 81% of customers prefer live chat as a quick and convenient way to resolve issues. Using web chat, customers can easily switch to a live chat conversation with a real agent on WhatsApp,Facebook Messenger, or web.

    No more robotic interactions, just genuine conversations that build trust and loyalty.

    Answer insurance questions faster

    For insurance businesses, a customer browsing your insurance plans might have specific questions about coverage details. By interacting with the Cue web widget, the chatbot can direct them to a live agent who can address their individual needs and concerns.

    3. Easily schedule appointments

    Juggling phone calls to schedule appointments is a thing of the past. The Cue web widget allows customers to conveniently book appointments directly through web chat. This saves time and reduces the burden on your staff.

    Book test drives in seconds

    For car dealerships, if a customer on your website wants to book a test drive or schedule an appointment with a sales agent, they can use the web widget to chat with the team and make a quick booking.

    4. Collect valuable feedback

    Getting customer feedback is crucial, but traditional methods are often tedious and ineffective. Web widgets allow you to send feedback forms directly after supporting a customer on web chat. This valuable feedback can help you identify areas for improvement to boost the customer experience.

    Retain more customers

    After a customer completes a service request through your website, you can send them a quick feedback survey in the same conversation when they are most likely to rate your service.

    5. Provide real-time order tracking

    Let's face it, waiting for deliveries can be nerve-wracking for customers. The Cue web widget allows your customer to request an instant order tracking update. This keeps customers informed and reduces unnecessary inquiries to your support team.

    Keep customers informed about their order

    An e-commerce customer can be scrolling through your website and needs to know the status of their order. They can engage with the web widget, provide their order details, and receive a message with either a direct tracking URL or their order details.

    6. Offer exclusive promotions and deals

    Who doesn't love a good deal? The web widget allows you to offer targeted promotions and special offers directly to your customers while they’re browsing and interested. This is a great way to increase sales and reward loyal customers.

    Reward loyal customers

    When a customer is browsing a product page and has a question, they can open the widget and immediately get greeted with a message offering a limited discount.

    7. Share helpful content and resources

    Customers appreciate businesses that go the extra mile to provide transparency, easily accessible information, and convenient contact methods.

    Make more sales with brochures 

    A retailer can send an automated message with links to the latest brochures and pamphlets after the customer messages them.

    8. Facilitate easy returns and exchanges

    Dealing with returns and exchanges can be a hassle for both customers and businesses. The Cue web widget streamlines the process by allowing customers to make return requests automatically without having to email customer support.

    Get things done efficiently

    When a customer purchases a product from your online store but needs to make a return, they can request and book a return without needing to chat with a customer service representative.

    9. Offer 24/7 support

    Customers expect support whenever they’re in need. No matter the time of day. Web widgets allow you to provide near-24/7 support using chatbots that answer basic queries, even outside of business hours. 51% of customers say a business needs to be available 24/7.

    Make guests feel at home

    For serviced accommodation businesses, a customer looking for a room to book in a different city has a question about your room options. The chatbot can answer their query, help them book a room, or direct them to a live agent the following morning if it’s after business hours.

    10. Personalised product recommendations

    By using the Cue platform, you can set up flows and chatbots that can be your secret weapon for personalised product recommendations. Workflows can be built to recommend relevant products and services based on the options the customer chooses.

    Make holiday bookings a breeze

    For travel agencies, you can set up flows that allow customers browsing your website to set up and plan a holiday through the web chat. The chatbot can ask customers relevant questions about their preferred destination, time of the year, etc.

    Get started with the Cue web widget

    So, there you have it; 10 powerful ways to transform your customer service with the Cue web widget and turn website visitors into customers. Remember, happy customers lead to loyal customers, and loyal customers are the backbone of any successful business. Contact Cue for a demo today!

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    Ready to reach customers with WhatsApp?

    Grow sales by 160%

    Cut service costs by 73%

    Boost responses by 40%

    WhatsApp for Business solution by Cue