10 WhatsApp chatbot benefits for businesses

10 WhatsApp chatbot benefits for businesses


13 Mar 2023

WhatsApp chatbots
WhatsApp chatbots
WhatsApp chatbots

Did you know that Samsung is 38 years older than Apple? We didn't, either. But what we do know is that 59% of customers expect a chatbot to reply within 5 seconds. WhatsApp chatbots are the superintendents of sales and customer service. Just ask Toys R Us; they saw a 40% boost in engagement because of WhatsApp chatbots. In this blog, we're breaking down WhatsApp chatbots, unpacking their benefits and showing businesses how to use them for sales and customer support.

10 WhatsApp chatbot benefits

WhatsApp chatbots aren't just another passing trend; they're the secret sauce for cooking customer service. From boosting sales to wowing customers with extremely fast support, they make your life easier (and your bottom line happier). Let’s explore 10 WhatsApp chatbot benefits.

1. 24/7 Availability

51% of customers say a business needs to be available 24/7 to meet their modern-day expectations of convenience and accessibility. WhatsApp chatbots are your round-the-clock customer service assistants, available to help customers at any time. Whether it's answering FAQs or giving product recommendations, WhatsApp chatbots never sleep, even when you do.

2. Instant responses

90% of customers say that an instant response is essential when they have a customer service question. With WhatsApp chatbots, you and your customers can say goodbye to long wait times and hello to instant gratification.

3. Personalised interactions

Did you know that your online conversion rate can improve by 8% when you include personalised customer experiences? Make every customer feel like they’re a VIP with personalised interactions tailored to their preferences and past transactions. From addressing customers by name to recommending products based on their purchase history, WhatsApp chatbots add a personal touch to every conversation.

4. Increased efficiency and productivity

WhatsApp chatbots let you streamline your customer service operations and boost your team’s productivity. Chatbots can handle repetitive tasks, leaving your human agents free to focus on more complex issues. Profits can increase by up to 21% when employees are engaged and more productive. WhatsApp chatbots are like virtual assistants, taking care of the boring, repetitive stuff so your team can focus on the meaningful.

Cue whatapp chatbots

5. More engagement = more money

Did you know that fully engaged customers spend 23% more over their lifetime than the average customer? WhatsApp chatbots are a great way to keep customers engaged, and entertained to get them to buy more. From fun quizzes to answering FAQs to seasonal recommendations, WhatsApp chatbots make every interaction more engaging.

6. Easy integration

By using free WhatsApp web widgets, you can easily integrate WhatsApp chatbots into your website, ensuring a smooth and fast customer experience across all touchpoints. When you use WhatsApp web widgets, you allow customers to engage with your WhatsApp chatbot without needing to leave your website.

7. Data collection

For every 1% increase in customer satisfaction, customer retention rates increase by 5%.  Using WhatsApp chatbots is a great way to gain valuable insight into the behaviour and preferences of your customers. Businesses can use WhatsApp chatbots to get survey responses, reviews, and ratings and use the information to improve their service and products.

8. Scalability

WhatsApp chatbots can easily handle the workload as your business scales. Whether you have a small or large customer base, they can manage multiple conversations at once, ensuring every customer is attended to.

9. Consistency

Think of WhatsApp chatbots as the reliable sidekick you never knew you needed. They're always available, never have bad days, and will always answer customer questions with extremely fast responses and consistent information.

10. Faster, smarter live chat routing

If customers still need to speak to an agent after interacting with the chatbot, WhatsApp chatbots can easily connect them to the right live agent. Live agents can easily pick up the conversation where it was left off.

How businesses can use WhatsApp chatbots

1. Increased sales for retailers

Retailers can use WhatsApp chatbots to showcase new products, offer exclusive deals, and provide personalised recommendations to customers based on the time of the year.

2. Streamlined customer support for insurance

Insurance businesses can use WhatsApp chatbots to assist customers with policy inquiries, claims processing, and policy renewals.

3. Personalised learning for education providers

Education providers can use WhatsApp chatbots to deliver personalised learning materials, course updates, and study tips to students.

4. Efficient test drive booking for dealerships

Car dealerships can use WhatsApp chatbots to schedule appointments, provide directions to a dealership, send appointment reminders, and provide car-care tips to customers.

5. HR support for businesses

HR departments can use WhatsApp chatbots to assist employees with HR-related inquiries, like leave requests, payroll inquiries, and onboarding processes.

Chat your way to better customer service

WhatsApp chatbots are more than just virtual assistants—they're your secret weapon for success in the always-changing landscape of customer engagement. By using them in conjunction with WhatsApp web widgets, live chat and WhatsApp auto-replies, you’re setting yourself up for an increase across all touchpoints. Request a demo with Cue today and find out how your business can use WhatsApp chatbots.

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