10 ways WhatsApp templates can save time and grow your business

10 ways WhatsApp templates can save time and grow your business


20 Mar 2024

WhatsApp templates
WhatsApp templates
WhatsApp templates

75% of customers expect a consistent experience across all touchpoints. Just like Nike, customers want you to just do it. They don’t care how you maintain consistency in your messaging. WhatsApp templates allow you to do just that; it’s where creativity meets efficiency and customer satisfaction reigns supreme. In this blog, we're diving into WhatsApp templates, their benefits and how your business can use them effectively.

Quick recap: What are WhatsApp templates?

WhatsApp templates are the secret sauce behind streamlined customer interactions. In a nutshell, they’re pre-approved messages that can be tweaked and altered, making it easier to chat with customers. They come in three types: 

  • Marketing templates: Promotional messages to spotlight sales, events, etc.

  • Authentication templates: Secure verification messages for confirmations.

  • Utility templates: Helpful service notifications and updates.

To learn more, check out our blog on getting started with WhatsApp templates.

10 Benefits of WhatsApp templates

1. WhatsApp automation at its best

Stop retyping the same messages and level up your customer engagement with automation.  36% of businesses see direct revenue from customer service automation. Imagine sending personalised, automated greetings, order confirmations, and even witty replies. WhatsApp templates help you boost brand loyalty, and make interactions faster, and less robotic.

2. No more repetitive tasks

Let's face it, you and your team have a lot of things to do. Doing the same thing over and over shouldn’t be one of them. WhatsApp templates let you fly through repetitive tasks like order confirmations, appointment reminders, and FAQs, freeing up your precious minutes for more strategic tasks. It's like putting your customer service on auto-pilot, leaving your team with more time to make more sales.

3. Personalisation is the key

76% of customers feel frustrated when brands don’t offer personalisation experiences. One-size-fits-all is so last season. With WhatsApp templates, you can personalise each message like a pro. Add customer names, order details, or even hilarious GIFs (why should customer service be boring?). This personal touch strengthens connections and turns customers into lifelong fans. 

4. 24/7 Availability

Forget the cape; your secret weapon is 24/7 availability. WhatsApp templates ensure your customers never feel like they're on hold, even when your team is off the clock. Customers will feel seen, valued, and supported no matter the time of day. 

5. Compliance

WhatsApp has guidelines and policies in place to prevent spam and ensure a positive user experience. By using pre-approved templates, businesses have less risk of getting flagged as spam or facing account restrictions, giving you peace of mind to focus on what matters most.

6. Brand consistency

Your customer service team each brings something different to the table, but together they’re a force to be reckoned with. WhatsApp templates function similarly for your brand's communication.

Pre-approved messages ensure consistent greetings, phrases, and overall tone, no matter which team member interacts with a customer. This creates a smooth and familiar experience for your customers, regardless of who they're chatting with.

7. Happy customers, happy business

Smiling faces and glowing reviews - That’s what WhatsApp gives you. Quick, efficient responses from templates leave customers feeling satisfied, leading to repeat business and positive word-of-mouth or even reviews.

8. Insightful data

Ever wished you could peek into your customers' minds? Well, with WhatsApp templates and analytics, you can. Track performance metrics to see which messages your customers engage with most, revealing valuable insights into customer preferences and behaviours. 

9. More money, less problems

Templates save your business money. By automating tasks and reducing manual work, you save on (wo)manpower and resources, maximising your ROI and leaving you with more cash to grow your business.

10. Improved customer support & reduced wait times

WhatsApp templates let you get basic and common inquiries out of the way, allowing your team to focus on helping customers efficiently and reducing customer wait times.

5 WhatsApp template ideas

1. Policy renewal reminders

Insurance companies can use utility templates to send periodic reminders to policyholders, ensuring renewals are never missed.

Template Example:

WhatsApp for insurance

2. Flash sale alerts

Retail businesses can use marketing templates to drive sales with exclusive flash promo alerts, attracting customers with limited-time offers.

WhatsApp for retail

3. Education: Exam preparation tips

Using marketing templates, educational institutions can support students during exam season with helpful study tips and resources.

WhatsApp for education

4. Car service reminders

Automotive businesses can inform customers with utility templates about upcoming service appointments and maintenance checks.

Whatsapp for car dealerships

5. Account verification

Telecom providers can use authentication templates to send customers notifications and one-time pins when they log in to verify their identity.

WhatsApp templates

The dream team: WhatsApp templates, auto-replies & chatbots 

Now that you’ve set up WhatsApp templates, imagine your customer service as a well-oiled machine, running off of efficiency and great customer experiences. That's the power of combining WhatsApp templates, auto-replies, and chatbots - each plays a crucial role in this dream team. Let's dive deeper into how they work together:

1. WhatsApp templates: The foundation

Think of templates as pre-approved message formats, offering a solid foundation for common scenarios. You can mix and match these templates to create personalised messages for order confirmations, appointment reminders, product recommendations and more

2. WhatsApp auto-replies: The automation

Auto-replies step in when you're unavailable. They provide instant acknowledgement and maintain engagement, preventing customers from feeling abandoned. Examples include outside business hours, welcome, and away messages. 

3. WhatsApp chatbots: The superstars

Chatbots are the intelligent assistants in your dream team, handling complex conversations and offering personalised support. They can answer FAQs, and help with order tracking and troubleshooting. 

Grow your business with WhatsApp templates

Lay the foundation for good customer service with WhatsApp template messages. Get in touch with us to book a demo and see what Cue can do for you. 

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