WhatsApp Business for sales
WhatsApp Business for sales

Unlock More Sales Using WhatsApp Business

Unlock More Sales Using WhatsApp Business

28 Nov 2023


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    WhatsApp Business boosts lead generation and sales conversion rates. Take Brights Hardware, for example, who experienced a 244% increase in WhatsApp-based sales through a chatbot and live chat solution. In this article, we’ll explore how businesses can leverage WhatsApp Business to improve sales. 

    Why WhatsApp Business

    Messages on WhatsApp boast a 98% open rate and a 45-60% click-through rate - 5x more than emails and SMS. WhatsApp Business offers a range of opportunities to connect with your audience, build trust, and ultimately drive conversions. For a complete guide on getting started with WhatsApp Business, read our previous blog.

    How you can use WhatsApp Business for sales

    According to surveys, 75% of global consumers prefer chatting with a business rather than traditional channels like email or phone, and 57% say messaging with a business feels more personal than calling. With this in mind, let's uncover a few benefits of using WhatsApp to boost sales and how you can get started:

    Sell to customers using live chat and conversational commerce

    Customers who can have their questions answered instantly are more likely to make a purchase. At 73%, live chat has the highest satisfaction rate out of any other form of customer communication.

    Car dealerships can use live chat integrations with WhatsApp to help potential buyers with immediate questions about car models, features, and pricing. This allows customers to have any queries resolved as soon as possible and gives sales agents the chance to close the deal over WhatsApp.

    Make it easy for customers to transact on their favourite apps

    With the integration of WhatsApp into a multichannel strategy, businesses can meet customers where they are. This approach allows retailers to combine WhatsApp, their website's live chat, and chatbots to provide a smooth shopping experience for customers across multiple touchpoints. 

    Let chatbots do the selling on WhatsApp

    Chatbots can assist customers with inquiries like product information and availability and even guide them through the sales process. In the insurance industry, a chatbot can help customers select the right insurance plan and generate quotes efficiently.

    Guiding customers with flows

    Chatbot flows make it easy to create personalised sales journeys on WhatsApp. With Cue’s flow builder, you can create flows triggered by a conversation. Flows provide an excellent way to lead customers through a structured sales journey. 

    A retail business can use flows to guide shoppers through a product selection process, making personalised recommendations based on customer preferences.

    Turn website visitors into happy customers with web widgets

    With web widgets, businesses allow customers to start sales-related conversations on WhatsApp directly from their websites. An education provider can engage prospective students in a conversation about course offerings, helping them make enrollment decisions without them needing to leave the website.

    Measuring the success of your WhatsApp Business sales efforts

    The success of your WhatsApp Business sales can be measured by looking at several key performance metrics. Let's dive into these metrics and see how they impact different industries:

    Message open rates

    High open rates indicate that your messages are engaging and capturing your customers' attention. For retail businesses, a brand can use WhatsApp Business to send promotional messages to its subscribers and track message open rates to assess the effectiveness of campaigns. By segmenting your audience and analysing which messages achieve higher open rates, you can tailor your WhatsApp content accordingly.

    Response times

    Track how quickly you respond to customer inquiries. Aim to keep your response times as low as possible to provide a timely and efficient customer experience. 

    An insurance company could aim for speedy response times in order to assist customers efficiently. By analysing their performance, they ensure that routine customer inquiries are handled instantly. When customers seek support from live agents, measuring response times helps the company deliver on its commitment to fast and reliable service.

    Conversion rates

    Measure the percentage of leads or inquiries that result in a purchase. This metric indicates how effective your WhatsApp Business strategy is at driving conversions.

    In the case of car dealerships, they should closely monitor conversion rates through WhatsApp Business by observing which types of conversations (vehicle inquiries or test drive requests, etc) lead to actual sales. By analysing this data, they can refine their sales strategies and provide more personalised responses to customers.

    Customer satisfaction

    Gather feedback from your customers to measure satisfaction with your WhatsApp Business chat. This can be done through surveys or by monitoring customer sentiment through their conversations. Retailers can use WhatsApp Business to send incentivized feedback forms to gauge customer satisfaction. 

    Get more sales on WhatsApp

    Cue makes it easy to integrate live chat, chatbots, flows, and web widgets with WhatsApp Business. These elements work together to engage customers, generate more leads and close more deals. Get started with Cue today.

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