How to add multiple users to your WhatsApp Business account

How to add multiple users to your WhatsApp Business account


6 Nov 2023

Add multiple users to WhatsApp
Add multiple users to WhatsApp
Add multiple users to WhatsApp

If you are considering or already using WhatsApp Business but have a large team, you might wonder how you can make this work. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of adding multiple users to your WhatsApp Business account to improve customer experiences and query resolution. 

WhatsApp Business app

If you manage a small customer base, the WhatsApp Business app is built for you. The WhatsApp Business app is a mobile app that can be installed on up to four devices. Here’s how to link multiple devices to your WhatsApp Business app

  • Launch your WhatsApp Business app.

  • Tap the “more options” icon, represented by three vertical dots.

  • Select “linked devices”.

  • Choose the “link a device” option.

  • Scan the provided QR code, and you're all set.

Adding multiple users to the WhatsApp Business app may seem like a cost-effective and faster solution for improving customer support on WhatsApp, but it comes with some challenges and limitations. These include:

  • No assignment capabilities: In the WhatsApp Business app, there's no feature to assign a chat to a specific agent, leading to potential ineffectiveness.

  • No resolution feature: The WhatsApp Business app doesn’t offer the option to mark chats or support queries as resolved.

  • Limited agent insights: Tracking agent performance, resolved queries, and missed interactions is not possible in the app.

  • No chatbot integration: The app lacks support for chatbot integration, limiting automation possibilities.

Given these restrictions, using the WhatsApp Business app for initial customer support could be a temporary solution. But if you plan to deliver a complete and smoother WhatsApp experience for both customers and agents, a better alternative is to explore WhatsApp Business for teams.

WhatsApp Business for teams

If you are a medium to large size business, it would be more appropriate to use a WhatsApp customer service platform that is built on the WhatsApp API for faster, smoother customer service. Solutions like these help teams communicate with their customers at scale. Live chat, chatbots, and WhatsApp templates are some of the key features available to teams. 

Live chat for teams

By using a customer service platform built for WhatsApp, teams can work together efficiently while providing effective customer assistance. Teams can track ticket statuses, see which staff member handled a specific query, access detailed reporting and analytics, and even set up out-of-office messages. Since switching to WhatsApp, Richfield has seen a 7x increase in response rates. WhatsApp is now the most engaged digital channel in Richfield’s history.

Conversational chatbots

Chatbots can automate repetitive tasks, allowing team members to focus on more complex customer inquiries. They can efficiently provide information, qualify leads, and even route inquiries to the right team member. This not only increases efficiency but also ensures consistent and accurate responses. AutoZone chose Cue to power their chatbot and live chat solution. This led to a 40% reduction in email and call engagements and a 13% increase in overall engagement. 

Quick reply templates

Quick reply templates are predefined messages that save your team valuable time. They allow teams to quickly send common responses from live chat. This is especially useful for frequently asked questions, refund policies, and more.

How to add multiple users to your WhatsApp Business account

Adding multiple users to your WhatsApp Business account can significantly improve your customer service capabilities, allowing you to share the workload efficiently and provide quicker responses to inquiries. If you use a WhatsApp customer service platform like Cue, this is how you can add multiple users to your Cue workspace

  1. Log in to your Cue workspace and click on the settings icon at the bottom left of the screen.

  2. Click on the purple “create a user” button at the top right of the screen and fill in the user details. 

Cue workspace
  1. Assign a role to the user. The Cue workspace has four roles for you to choose from. These include

    1. Agent: Users can access the Inbox to live chat with customers

    2. Broadcast manager: Users can create and send broadcasts from the workspace

    3. Flow manager: Users can create and manage flows for the workspace

    4. Workspace owner: Users have full access to all areas of the workspace

  2. Submit the form and add your user by clicking on “create”.

Cue workspace

Get started with WhatsApp Business for teams

From assigning chats to adding up to 256 team members to tracking performance, WhatsApp Business can be used effectively by teams. Ready to see it all in action? Book a demo with Cue today and discover how you can improve your customer service with WhatsApp Business.

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