Whatsapp auto-replies
Whatsapp auto-replies

Boost Customer Service with WhatsApp Auto-Replies

Boost Customer Service with WhatsApp Auto-Replies

31 Jan 2024


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    Managing client conversations across channels gets chaotic, especially at scale. But WhatsApp business auto-replies make it easier to streamline responses. 90% of customers view an instant response as crucial when they need customer service. 68% of customers expect a response in under 5 minutes. You need automation if you want to provide your customers with the speed they expect. In this article, we cover how to send automatic messages on WhatsApp Business and break down everything you need to know.

    What is a WhatsApp business auto-reply?

    See this feature as your sidekick, ready to jump into action when you’re unavailable. It allows you to easily send pre-set responses when you’re unavailable. It ensures that your customers get instant responses and engagement to boost customer satisfaction.

    There are two ways to set up an automatic WhatsApp message. To do this, you can either use your WhatsApp Business mobile app or use a WhatsApp solution provider that gives you access to the WhatsApp Business API.

    Small businesses that need to set up automated welcome messages or basic out-of-office messages will find the mobile app to be very helpful. One of the cons, however, is that you’re limited when it comes to the kinds of messages you can send with the WhatsApp Business app.

    For medium-sized to large businesses, using the WhatsApp Business API is recommended. This involves partnering with a WhatsApp solution provider that will handle the entire process from set-up to going live. You can create customisable auto-replies and transactional automated messages. Learn more about setting up automatic WhatsApp messages by reading our previous blog

    WhatsApp auto-reply use cases and examples

    Ensure better customer relationships

    WhatsApp auto-replies speak for you when you’re not there. They let your customers know that they’ve been heard and help them feel taken care of. Insurance businesses can set up automatic WhatsApp messages that let customers know that they’re attending to their queries.

    Whatsapp automation

    Welcome discounts

    When a customer messages you for the first time, a cheerful greeting message and discount code will set a positive tone for your customer communications. Who doesn't love a discount? Wow customers and win loyalty by including an offer in your auto-reply welcome message. This is perfect for retailers trying to find new customers and keep their existing ones.

    How to use whatsapp auto-replies

    Drive more leads

    Automatic replies on WhatsApp help get your customers what they’re looking for. If they message you, it means they’re likely already interested in you, so strike while the conversational iron is hot. Automotive businesses can drive more leads by sharing relevant and helpful links, such as booking pages, your website, and event pages. 

    Whatsapp business auto reply

    Network outage notifications

    During busy periods like holidays, internet service providers are likely to experience a dip in connection. ISPs can use auto-replies to get ahead of potential concerns and complaints by setting up automatic WhatsApp messages to reassure customers and also provide useful links.

    Whatsapp automation

    Holiday greeting

    WhatsApp auto-replies can be set up during the holidays to not only wish customers a happy holiday but also provide an update on operating times. Education providers can use this feature to remind anyone who messages them that they’re currently closed and also share relevant links to apply for new courses, check application statuses and more.  

    Whatsapp auto reply

    The benefits of WhatsApp auto-replies for business

    ⏱️ 24/7 customer service: Auto-replies provide instant 24/7 reassurance to customers when they message you. Nothing says “we value you” more than a quick response. 

    😁 Improve customer satisfaction: Quick answers reduce frustrations. Auto-replies can include links to commonly asked questions and their answers. This could help customers solve queries without needing to speak to an agent.

    👏Team flexibility: Automation frees staff up to take care of more complicated and important tasks. By setting up an automatic WhatsApp message, you’re helping your team, ensuring they don’t get overwhelmed with repetitive questions. 

    ⏳ Brand consistency: Auto-replies maintain unified brand messaging. This leaves an imprint on your customers, associating your brand with consistency and efficiency. 46% of customers said that consistency is one of the most important factors in creating a positive customer experience.

    Automate your way to better customer service with WhatsApp

    WhatsApp auto-replies are convenient for your team and your customers. Using them effectively can lead to more sales and longer-lasting customer relationships. Contact Cue to get started with WhatsApp Business!

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