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Boost sales & support: The ultimate WhatsApp marketing guide for ISPs

Boost sales & support: The ultimate WhatsApp marketing guide for ISPs

3 Apr 2024


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    Ready to reach customers with WhatsApp?

    Smash sales targets by 160%

    Smash sales targets by 160%

    Cut customer service costs by 73%

    Cut customer service costs by 73%

    Boost customer responses by 40%

    Boost customer responses by 40%

    WhatsApp for Business solution by Cue
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    64% of customers said they prefer messaging over a call or email, and 65% of the same people said they'd be more likely to shop with a business they can contact via chat. To top it off, businesses have seen sales increase by up to 244% since using WhatsApp. 

    If you're an internet service provider (ISP) and not leveraging WhatsApp yet, you're throttling your own revenue. In this guide, we'll explore WhatsApp marketing for Internet Service Providers - showing you how to attract new customers, provide great customer service, and increase sales through the world's favourite chat app. 

    Why ISPs need WhatsApp marketing

    Gone are the days when customers wanted to call a customer support number and be put on hold. These days, people prefer the speed, ease, and personal touch of messaging - especially on WhatsApp.

    For ISPs, WhatsApp provides the perfect communication channel to:

    • Reach the modern, mobile consumer where they live. 

    • Deliver lightning-fast response times and great customer service.

    • Guide prospects through comparing plans and placing orders.

    • Share updates on service outages, new offerings, and promotions.

    • Build lasting customer loyalty, increase lifetime value and improve NPS scores.

    And with Cue's suite of WhatsApp marketing tools, it's never been easier for ISPs to tap into this opportunity. Let's dive into a few powerful WhatsApp marketing strategies.

    How ISPs can use WhatsApp for marketing

    WhatsApp chatbots: The customer service superheroes 🦸‍♀️

    Did you know chatbots can handle 69% of customer queries from start to finish? By automating FAQs through WhatsApp, your customer service team can offload a lot of simple requests. WhatsApp automation can also significantly lower customer service costs by up to 73%.

    WhatsApp chatbot benefits for ISPs:

    • Streamline customer inquiries and support.

    • Provide 24/7 assistance without human intervention.

    • Reduce response times.

    WhatsApp chatbot use cases for ISPs:

    • Explaining internet plans, pricing, and speeds. 

    • Capturing service address to check availability.

    • Providing setup guides and troubleshooting tips.

    • Collecting customer details to hand off to agents.

    • Sharing educational content to nurture leads.

    And when issues get too complex for a chatbot, your AI assistant can easily route conversations to a human with full context. 

    WhatsApp chatbots for ISPs

    WhatsApp broadcasts and newsletters: Boost sales & engagement 📢

    With WhatsApp broadcasts and newsletters, you can share the latest deals, new service updates, and educational content - putting some serious bandwidth in your revenue stream. 

    WhatsApp broadcast benefits for ISPs

    • Reach a larger audience with targeted messaging.

    • Build brand awareness and loyalty.

    • Drive sales and conversions with timely promotions.

    WhatsApp broadcast ideas for ISPs:

    • Announce new markets with limited-time offers. 

    • Share speed/plan upgrades and promotions.

    • Invite customers to webinars and product demos.

    • Send service outage updates in real-time.

    • Nurture prospects with tips on choosing the right plan.

    With a 98% open rate, WhatsApp guarantees to get your content maximum coverage! Plus, subscribers can easily opt-in or out to control their experience.

    WhatsApp broadcast messages for ISP businesses

    WhatsApp web chat and live chat: Convert leads in real-time 🎧

    Your website may be pretty, but is it actually closing deals and converting leads? With tools like web chat and WhatsApp live chat, you can start converting visitors into actual paying customers. 

    Visitors can start a conversation on your website and continue chatting on WhatsApp with a live agent. When customers continue the conversation on WhatsApp, they become subscribers to your broadcast list, and by willingly continuing on WhatsApp, this shows that they’re interested in your business. 

    Benefits of WhatsApp live chat

    • Boost customer satisfaction and retention in real-time.

    • Resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

    • Create a sense of trust and loyalty through personalised interactions.

    ISPs can use WhatsApp live chat to:

    • Instantly answer plan/pricing queries.

    • Qualify leads and collect user details like service address, budgets and requirements.

    • Provide advice and address objections in real-time.

    • Place orders and sign up new customers.  

    • Guide customers through the entire journey from enquiring to subscribing.

      WhatsApp live chat for customer support

    Tips for using WhatsApp marketing effectively

    • Content is king (and queen): People won't respond to dry, sales-y messages. Create engaging content that informs, entertains, and offers value. Examples include internet speed-boosting hacks, funny memes about buffering woes, or even contests and giveaways.

    • Keep it short & sweet: Attention spans are short. Stick to clear messages that are easy to read and understand. Bullet points and emojis are your friends.

    • Respect customer inboxes: Don't bombard subscribers with messages. Aim for a consistent schedule (like weekly updates) and avoid spamming.

    • Personalisation is a superpower: When possible, personalise messages. Address customers by name, tailor content based on their past interactions, or offer plan recommendations based on their online activity. A little personalisation goes a long way.

    • Track & analyse: Don't just send messages blindly. Use analytics tools to track open rates, click-throughs, and customer engagement. This data helps you understand what's working and what needs tweaking.

    Keep customers connected with WhatsApp marketing  

    Using Cue and WhatsApp, ISPs can provide modern, messaging-based sales and service experiences that keep customers coming back. From self-serve chatbots to 1-on-1 live chat to broadcasting promotions at scale, WhatsApp is your direct line to getting and keeping internet subscribers. Get in touch with Cue for a demo!

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